Welcome! To become verified, follow these steps. It usually takes less than 72 hours to become verified once you enter the queue to review, but you won't enter the verification queue until you have completed this list of requirements.

  • Banking information. Add your payment information under "account" settings, so we can pay you!
  • You should also add an email address and password on this same "account" settings page.
  • Verification documents. Use this page to add your photo ID & if you live in the USA, a filled & signed W9 form.
    A LOT of people accidentally upload a blank W9 form, so double check. Also, only upload the page you fill out -- we don't need the 8 pages of instructions.
  • Make sure your profile picture is of you -- not a drawing, not a sunset, not a logo. It doesn't have to include your face, but it needs to be you. You can update your Profile photo by uploading & selecting a photo under MEDIA CENTER, which you can think of like an organization area where you can manage any content you've uploaded.
  • Add your gender & pronouns on the "options" page.
  • Make sure we can access the Twitter account you used to sign up. We use this to verify that you are real. You need to have a following, not a new account, and it needs to be clear that the content you have uploaded on twitter shows you belong on this site.
  • Finally, add some content to your page. A minimum of 5 posts is required before the verification team will review you, but more is better for a successful launch. You need at least 5 real videos on your page before we will verify you, over the length of 3 minutes. If you don't create long videos, you could upload a number of photo galleries or many shorter videos to see if that will suffice. We don't verify empty pages.

Please be aware that even if you have done everything required to enter the verification queue, it can take a few days to review you. All accounts are reviewed manually, by real people, and if there are a number of accounts ahead of you in the queue there may be some delays. Please be patient! This verification is for the safety of our community.