Send a message to support to begin the process. To speed up your request, mention whether or not you have active subscribers & include some information about why you are deleting your account! Remember to include any questions you have about your account, too, so we can address everything you need at once.

We will have to turn off subscriptions to your account, so no one can rebill, and then we can delete your account after you no longer have any active subscribers.  

Please do not delete your content until your subscribers have all expired. This will be seriously letting down your customers who have already paid for their membership. We will help you transition off of the platform instead without unfairly punishing these customers, just contact us for help. We will remove all of your content and handle everything for you professionally!

Another great option to consider if you're just taking a break is to simply request that we turn off the subscriptions to your account. You can leave your page online as a placeholder to continue generating "followers" and traffic, and that way when you come back you aren't starting over from scratch. It's all up to you.