If you want to stop some or all autotweets from going to your Twitter account, you have a number of options you can apply to create fine control over this feature.

Visit "Options" on the left hand menu navigation bar. 

Expand "General Settings."

"Tweet by Default" controls whether or not your posts will automatically have the "Share to Twitter" slide set to "on."

"Auto-Tweet Options" will impact whether or not video posts show a blurred thumbnail or a video preview. 

New-Fan Tweet allows you to offer either a blurred photo or a video preview when welcoming a new subscriber to your page.

Video Preview Length allows you to set how long our auto generated video preview will be. 

Blur Amount allows you to select how blurry your thumbnail photo is.

You can choose whether or not auto tweets are sent out for new subscribers, rebills, tips, or purchased store items.  Very successful performers may opt to choose to only show tip notifications or store sales, to avoid spamming their page with constant subscribers and rebills! 

The "auto posting old content" option is currently only available to exclusive performers, who can take advantage of this feature that posts your older content to Twitter occasionally to keep your Twitter followers intrigued even when you can't update as often. 

Don't want ANY tweets at all? No problem. You can opt to disconnect your Twitter auto posters completely, simply by expanding the "social apps" tab under this same "Options" page. Remove all three auto poster connections. 

You can re-enable this any time, so don't hesitate to turn it off when you need a little social media hiatus.